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Dana Berger, Ori Rousso, Avi Toledano, Yossi Babliki, Geva Alon, Yair Levi, Dan Toren, Nili Fink, Vxodoo Daddy, Lara Snow, Noa Babayof,  Electric Zoo, Casper & The Howling, Hadara Levin, Violet Vision, Vitarti, Dean Miroshnikov, Tatiana Bulanova and more....
"Nadav is a true professional, experienced and has a vast and deep understanding of sound. In addition to that he always gives full attention to the needs of the person he is working with. I genuinely feel that his definitive objective is that I will be pleased - both with the mastering itself and with the process. I highly recommend him - for his excellence and for his personality as one."
Amitai Levin
Musician/ Music producer
"To keep it short…I send Nadav the final mix and quickly get the master back perfectly, exactly as I described it to him. The knowledge, concern for all the little details, his experience and professionalism in mastering, is beyond all expectations. He is always smiling and patience, and goes above and beyond to make me content every time I work with him."
Danny Weissfeld
Musician/ Music producer
"It is a pleasure working with Nadav on mastering songs I produce. He's an amazing person, and you can tell he's very talented and experienced. The sound was on point and powerful, I never had to make any changes."
Or Ben Omri
Musician/ Music producer
"What I like about working with Nadav is that he's not only a mastering engineer but also an excellent producer and I can be sure he is paying attention to all musical and technical nuances that are important to me. The dialogue with him is extremely professional and it brings out the best of me and my music."
Roy Dotan
Musician/ Music producer
"I started working with Nadav two years ago. Since the very first Master I received from him- I could realize the real meaning of this profession, and how important it is to let objective ears lead this kind of process in my works. But, when it comes to Nadav, I received much more than an objective ears. I met an attentive person with a huge heart, and extremely skilled ears. From the moment I started working with Nadav I knew I was in amazing hands."
Dror Levin
Musician/ Music producer
"Every music producer needs colleagues who will challenge and promote him, my man is Nadav Katz. I have been working with Nadav for several years and he always surprises me anew. Nadav is a master with sensitivity and consideration for the mix and production. If you need an expert to complete your track, I highly recommend Nadav!"
Roey Bitan
Musician/ Music producer
"On every song I finish mixing, I know Nadav is my man for mastering. He always manages to give my mixes that extra spark. Super professional and super kind - It’s always a pleasure to work with him."
Itamar Vardi
Musician/ Music producer

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